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About our company


JV  "ChaLt" LLC is a Belarusian-German motor transport joint venture.

  • Registration date: December 1997
  • Member of the Belarusian  Association of International Road Carriers (BAIRC) since 1998
  • Specialization in road transport services in CIS, Europe and Baltic countries
  • Company staff consists of professionally educated and highly qualified personnel
  • Company’s policy is reliability, punctuality, and responsibility

Operational efficiency and professionalism are built-in features of our company.

Incorporated over 20 years ago, "ChaLt" has established itself as a reliable road carrier. The key to such a worthy reputation is a responsible approach to the work of experienced professionals.

In addition to the services provided, "ChaLt" renders transportation of specific goods. Delivery of dangerous, perishable, and high risk goods, custom carrier services and import and export transportation freight forwarder services represent a wide range of services focused at satisfying interests of different clients.

Our company will help you send the goods to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, Eastern and Western countries.

"ChaLt" seeks cooperation with new partners and clients.

Why "ChaLt"?

  • knowledge of market subtleties;
  • years of experience of drivers and freight forwarders;
  • established management system;
  • non-stop monitoring of vehicle location;
  • daily customer informing on the course of transportation;
  • ability to quickly respond to any force majeure;
  • more than 100 modern trailer trucks from the global leaders of the motor industry;
  • flexible rates policy;
  • the most favourable ratio of cost and delivery time.

CMR insurance of goods – a guaranteed break-even

Our company unconditionally observes financial interests of its customers. All goods which are transported by road by our company are covered by CMR insurance policy. Insurance cover makes up to EUR 400,000 per haul. The policy covers a wide range of specific risks.

Our company’s insurer is "TASK" Closed Joint-Stock Insurance Company which is in the top three of insurance companies rating of the Republic of Belarus. "Credit Rating" rating agency assigned "TASK" insurance company byA level of reliability in October 2009 which is regularly confirmed by the insurer.

As agreed by the parties, other guarantees can be provided as well.

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